The Australasian Surgical Research Society

Photograph of Dick Jepson

Professor R. P. ('Dick') Jepson while on a ward round with medical students in 1965 at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

The Surgical Research Society of Australasia (SRS) meets each year to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of surgical research. The decision to establish the SRS was taken at an informal meeting in Brisbane on the evening of 22 May 1961. All seven of the then professors of surgery in Australia and New Zealand were present at that meeting. It was formally established at the inaugural meeting in Dunedin, New Zealand, on 29 January 1962.

Professor R. P. ‘Dick’ Jepson, besides being the first president, was also the moving spirit in the foundation of the SRS. Among the Australasian professors, Dick Jepson was the only member of the British Surgical Research Society; and the original constitution of the SRS was an almost perfect copy of its British counterpart.

The original aim of the SRS was to encourage young presenters within the context of a small but unified group of academic surgeons. Presenters were put on display and academic reputations were developed around the ability to present and defend a paper. It became a tradition that papers were presented from memory and never read from notes. The SRS continues to play a critical role in the profession of surgery in Australasia.


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Abstracts from Meetings of the SRS

2017 Adelaide

2016 Melbourne

2015 Sydney

2014 Adelaide

2013 Adelaide

2012 Adelaide

2011 Adelaide

2010 Adelaide

2009 Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Adelaide

2008 Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Adelaide

2007 Christchurch

2006 Sydney

2005 Perth

2004 Auckland

2003 Melbourne

2002 Brisbane

2001 Hobart

2000 Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Adelaide

1999 Cairns

1998 Leura

1997 Fremantle

1996 Geelong Hospital

1995 Auckland

1994 St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney

1993 Royal Brisbane Hospital

1992 Newcastle

1991 Flinders Medical Centre, Adelaide

1990 Melbourne

1990 Perth

1988 Westmead Hospital, Sydney

1987 Dunedin

1986 Brisbane

1985 Adelaide

1984 Christchurch

1983 St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne

1982 QE II Medical Centre, Perth

1981 Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney

1980 Royal Brisbane Hospital

1979 Wellington

1978 Flinders Medical Centre, Adelaide

1978 Kuala Lumpur

1977 Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney

1977 Melbourne

1976 Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane

1976 Flinders Medical Centre, Adelaide

1975 Auckland

1974 Broken Hill

1974 Royal Perth Hospital

1973 Prince Henry's Hospital, Melbourne

1973 Kuala Lumpur

1972 Christchurch

1972 Hobart

1971 Royal Adelaide Hospital

1971 Sydney

1970 St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne

1970 Brisbane

1969 Prince Henry's Hospital, Sydney

1969 Dunedin

1968 Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Adelaide

1967 Alfred Hospital, Melbourne

1966 Perth

1965 Sydney

1964 Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Adelaide

1963 St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne

1962 Dunedin

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