Victorian Annual Surgeons Meeting (Vic ASM) 

Abstracts for the 2015 Victorian Annual Surgeons Meeting (Vic ASM) can be found here.

Below are the abstracts for the 2012 Victorian Annual Scientific and Fellowship Meeting (AVSFM).

Incidence Of Non-Union Following Free Vascularised Bone Graft Of Mandible

S. TOURANI, D. Grinsell, Melbourne Health, Vic, Australia

Performance Theory Impact In Preparation For Career Medical And Specialist Training Program Interviews'

R.F. SWANN D.M. Bolton N.Lawrentschuk (supervisor)

An Impact Analysis Study Of A Perioperative Care Protocol For Children Undergoing Adeno-Tonsillectomy

Paul Paddle, ENT fellow (Alfred Health, Andrew Martin, Surgical Registrar (Peninsula Health)Yeng Kwang Tay, Surgical Registrar (Southern Health) Eduard Neil Vallance, FRACS (Southern Health)Pudel, FRACS (Southern Health)

Cultures Do Not Change By Mandate Initiating Qa Meetings To Improve Patient Safety And Support Quality Improvement

E.F. PETCH, M.Goldwasser, P.F.M. Choong

Predictors Of Outcome Following Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy


Boxhill Experience In Percutaneous Transhepatic Biliary Drainage (Ptbd) Over 10 Years

Dr.E.Harnaen, Dr.S.SAFARI, Mr.S.Mackay, Mr.S.Hassen, Eastern Health Surgical Research Group, Box Hill Hospital, Monash University Clinical School of Medicine

How Does Post-Partum Mammary Involution Affect The Mammographic Density In Human Breast Tissues? - A Murine Biochamber Study

C.W.HUO, D.Huang, J. Cawson, H. Frazer, P. Hill, M.A.Henderson, I. Haviv, E.W.Thompson, G. Chew

Impact Of An Acute Care Surgery Model On Appendicectomy Outcomes

Dr B R POH, SL Blamey, P Cashin, JC Gribbin, SR Berry, L Low, M Cullinan, NA Naqash, A Dhir, Z Dubrava, DC Spilias, KA Bowers, DG Croagh

An Unusual Case Of Chest Wall Swelling Masquerading As Gynaecomastia.

ANIKA M. NIHILL, M.B.B.S., B.A./B.Sc. (Hons.) Dean C. White, M.B.B.S., Grad. Dip. Epid. and Biostat., F.R.A.C.S. Guy J. Dowling, BSc.(Hons), MBBS, FRACS

Nterscalene Block Does Not Impair Oxygenation Significantly Compared With Opioid Analgesia For Shoulder Surgery In Older Patients

Y.C. KANG, C. Tan, D. Mao, I. CHao, A. Hardidge

Treatment Of Thoracic Aortic Conditions Without Cardiopulmonary Bypass Backup – A Single-Centre Experience

Mr Jason Chuen, MBBS, PGDipSurgAnat, FRACS, Dr Zhou Yaw Loo, MBChB

Subcutaneous Neostigmine – A Safe Alternative In Acute Colonic Pseudo-Obstruction.

C. J GILLESPIE, M. von Papen, C.T. Lu

To Assess The Safety And Efficacy Of Colorectal Stenting Within A Regional Hospital

Erandi Jayawickrama/Mr Glenn Guest/Mr Douglas Stupart/Professor David Watters

Determinants Of Complete Pathological Response To Chemoradiation For Rectal Cancer

Pollett W, McLaughlin S, Jones I, LAM T, Faragher I, Chan S

Quality Of Patient Health Information On The Internet: A Review Of The Literature

E.T. Fahy, R.S. HARDIKAR, S. Mackay, A. Fox

Postoperative Respiratory Impairment Is Mild In Elderly Patients Undergoing Shoulder Surgery In A Tertiary Centre

D. Mao, A. Hardidge, C. Tan

Treatment Of Thoracic Aortic Conditions Without Cardiopulmonary Bypass Backup – A Single-Centre Experience

Mr Jason Chuen, MBBS, PGDipSurgAnat, FRACS, Dr Zhou Yaw Loo, MBChB

Orthopaedic Scrub Nurse Survey

Perry S, McLeod-Mills L and Hau RC

Theatre Start Time Audit

Easton J, McLeod-Mills L and Hau RC

Vitamin D Insufficiency In Children With Fractures

Nazarian N, Hauser S and Hau RC

Supporting Orthopaedic Clinical Research At Northern Health

McLeod-Mills L and Hau RC

Evaluation Of A Perspex Positioning Device On Post Operative Imaging Following Total Knee Replacement (Tkr)

McLeod-Mills L and Hau RC

Combined Elbow Fracture-Dislocation With Galeazzi Fracture: Illustrated Case Report And Literature Review

Asadollahi S, Shepherd D., Hau R.

Risk Factors For Mortality In Neck Of Femur Fractures

Loch A, Pham M, and Hau RC

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