Editorial Board

JP Harris

Senior Editors
IDS Civil (New Zealand)
J Fletcher (New South Wales)
C Platell (Western Australia)
A van Rij (New Zealand)
JA Smith (Victoria)
D Watson (South Australia)

Speciality Editors
Z Balogh (Trauma)
IC Bennett (Surgical Outcomes and Economics)
T Bright (Upper Gut)
PF Burke (Surgical History)
M Cohen (Pain Medicine)
P Crowe (Surgical Oncology)
G Fabinyi (Neurosurgery)
M Fink (Transplantation)
R Fitridge (Vascular Surgery)
V Gebski (Biostatistics and Clinical Trials)
AJ Green (Rural Surgery)
J Hamdorf (Surgical Education)
AG Hill (Perioperative Care) K Dhital (Cardiothoracic Surgery)
J Karpelowsky (Paediatric Surgery)
J Koea (Hepatopancreaticobiliary Surgery)

D Lubowski (Colorectal Surgery)
G Maddern (Quality)
D Moses (Images for Surgeons)
R Page (Orthopaedic Surgery)
B Panizza (Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery)
MI Patel (Urology)
A Penington (Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery)
G Ramsey-Stewart (Surgical Anatomy)
M Richardson (Military Surgery)
J Serpell (Endocrine Surgery)
A Spillane (Breast Surgery)
J Tomlinson (Social Media)
P Truskett (General Surgery)
JA Windsor (Pancreas)

Editors Emeriti
M Archdall
RC Bennett
GJA Clunie
M Earlam
I Faris
JC Hall
J Ludbrook
JP Richardson
KF Russell
RJS Thomas

Eminent Advisory Group
MF Brennan (ANZ/USA)
PH Chapuis (Australia)
SWK Cheng (Hong Kong)
JM Church (ANZ/USA)
WY Lau (Hong Kong)
PJ Morris (ANZ/UK)
TM Ramanujam (Malaysia)
BP Waxman (Australia)
WI Wei (Hong Kong)

Editorial Office
The Editor
ANZ Journal of Surgery
155 Cremorne St
Richmond, Victoria 3121
Fax: +61 3 9274 3390
e-mail: ans.eo@wiley.com

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