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Publication of a journal was one of the first activities undertaken by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. It first took form in 1928 as The Journal of the College of Surgeons of Australasia and then in 1931 evolved into The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Surgery, a name that survived until 2001 when it was conveniently shortened to the ANZ Journal of Surgery. The official abbreviation ANZ J Surg remained and has been carried forward into the name of the Journal website (

The format of the Journal has undergone major changes over the years. In particular the bright yellow cover – which gave rise to the nickname ‘the yellow comic’ – was de-emphasised in 2001 by the incorporation of other colours and a central global image; and, in January 2009, red and black were introduced to produce a consistent format between the paper journal and the website. The image of the globe has been retained as the Journal logo.

The Journal was originally printed by the Australasian Medical Publishing Company in Sydney. From 1934 the Journal was published by Butterworth and Company (Australia) and the Australasian Medical Publishing Company was contracted to print the Journal. In 1947 the contract to publish the Journal went to Massina & Co. of Melbourne. In 1978, trans-Tasman links were consolidated when the printing contract was awarded to Wilson and Horton in Auckland, New Zealand. Blackwell established a publishing office in Melbourne and they took reponsibility for publishing the Journal from the start of 1982. John Wiley & Sons amalgamated with Blackwell and from March 2008 the Journal has been published by Wiley-Blackwell.

1928-49    Mervyn Archdall
1949-67    Kenneth F. Russell
1967-76    Malcolm Earlam
1976-80    Richard Bennett
1980-85    John Patrick Richardson
1985-90    Richard Bennett
1991-93    Gordon J.A. Clunie & John Ludbrook
1994-96    Gordon J.A. Clunie
1997-99    Irwin Faris
2000-06    Robert J.S. Thomas
2007-12    John C. Hall
2013-       John P. Harris

Photo of Kenneth Fitzpatrick Russell

Kenneth Fitzpatrick Russell

Until 1976 editors worked under the strategic guidance of an Editorial Board led by an independent Chairman of the Editorial Board – Sir Hugh Devine (1931-49), Sir Henry Searby (1949-50), E. S. J. King (1950-58), Sir Douglas Miller (1958-72), and Sir John Loewenthal (1972-75).

Kenneth Fitzpatrick Russell was the Professor of Anatomy and Medical History at the University of Melbourne. He served as the editor for 18 years and published more than 20 articles in the Journal between 1938 and 1957– including The First Book On Surgery to be Published in Victoria (1938; 8: 17-18), John Hunter and His Masterpiece (1939; 8: 335-339), The Cyrurgia of Guy De Chauliac (1951: 21: 151-152), and Andreas Vesalius and His Fabrica (1952; 21: 301-303). Kenneth Russell was the first Reader to the Gordon Craig Library and played a key role in the acquisition of the Cowlishaw collection for the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.



Peter F. Burke
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Kenneth Fitzpatrick Russell: The First Reader to the Gordon Craig Library

Peter F. Burke
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John Patrick Richardson: Editor 1980-1985

Richard C. Bennett
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Editing is Fun

Richard C. Bennett
DOI: 10.1111/j.1445-2197.1990.tb07507.x (Volume 60 Issue 12 (December 1990) p 931-933)

Changes in the Journal

I. Faris, J. Ludbrook, G.J.A. Clunie
DOI: 10.1111/j.1445-2197.1995.tb01692.x (Volume 65 Issue 8 (August 1995) p 551-552)

Robert J. S. Thomas: Editor-In-Chief 2000–2006

John C. Hall
DOI: 10.1111/j.1445-2197.2006.04015.x (Volume 77 Issue 3 (March 2007) p 97)

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