Scores, Grades and Classifications

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Apache II

ASA Score

Barthel Index

Body Mass Index (Quetelet's Index)

Broca's Formula

Charlson Comorbidity Index

Cruess Classification

Childs-Pugh Score (cirrhosis)

Clavien Classification of Surgical Complications

Denis Classification (spinal fracture)

Duke's Stages of Colorectal Cancer

Epworth Sleepiness Scale


FLACC Scale (paediatric pain assessment)

Flesch Score

Fracture Classification (AO)

Fracture Classification (OTA)

Glasgow Coma Score

Glasgow Aneurysm Score

Gustilo Classification (open fracture)

Hinke Grades

House-Brackman Scale (facial nerve palsy)

Injury Severity Score (ISS)

Jadad Score

Karnofsky Score

Le Fort Classification

Liver Injury Grading Scale

Mallampatti Classification (upper airways)

Meer-Dubois Formula (surface area)

Neimeier's Classification

Newcastle-Ottawa Scale

New York Heart Association Classification


Prognostic Nutritional Index (PNI)

Ranson's Criteria (acute pancreatitis)

Renal Injury Grading Scale

SF-36 Questionnaire

Social Readjustment Rating Scale (SRRS)

Spleen Injury Grading Scale

Surgical Site Infection (CDC Definition)

TNM Classifcation

TNM Classifcation (lung cancer)

Wagners Classification (foot ulcers)

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